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Welcome to our registration site for Cybathlon volunteers!

Welcome to register as a volunteer for the Cybathlon 2024.
We are pleased that you want to be part of the team and will actively support us.
The first step is to read and confirm the terms of use.



General Terms and Conditions (1)

Purpose: ETH Zurich is responsible for the planning and implementation of CYBATHLON 2024. Volunteers assist ETH Zurich without compensation in various areas in the organising and running of the event. They carry out their assignments voluntarily and without remuneration, on a contractual basis.

Area(s) of activity: As detailed in the briefing

Assignment times and duration: From 6 a.m. on Saturday, 19 October 2024, to midnight on Tuesday, 29 October 2024, at the latest. The exact times will be communicated before the event. We reserve the right to make changes at short notice.

General conditions for participation as a volunteer: 

  • Minimum assignment: 1 day
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • Presence at one kick-off/briefing event
  • Attendance at training session
  • Language proficiency: Good level of spoken German or English

General Terms and Conditions (2)

Conduct in the stadium area: In the interest of safety and the smooth, orderly running of the event, the volunteer is obliged to follow the instructions of the organiser, security staff, police, fire brigade and stadium management. Any liability of ETH Zurich / CYBATHLON for misconduct of volunteers is excluded as far as legally possible. ETH Zurich / CYBATHLON reserves the right to dismiss volunteers at any time in the event of misconduct, such as disregarding instructions or negligent behaviour. This does not provide grounds for any claims against ETH Zurich / CYBATHLON.

Responsibility: The volunteer represents ETH Zurich and the CYBATHLON, and should help to give guests and participants a positive impression of CYBATHLON 2024. The area of assignment determines the particular qualifications and skills needed. However, all volunteers should demonstrate the following:

  • a positive attitude towards CYBATHLON and ETH Zurich
  • commitment, a sense of responsibility, and flexibility
  • reliability, especially punctuality
  • a well-groomed appearance

Cancellations at short notice pose considerable logistical challenges for the CYBATHLON. Registration for an assignment is therefore binding. Any cancellation due to illness, accident or other urgent reasons must be communicated as early as possible to so that a replacement can be found.

Benefits and gifts: All volunteers receive a CYBATHLON top to thank them for their work. Vouchers for food and beverages will be issued during the assignment. On competition days, all volunteers have free access to the standing space in the spectator sector for volunteers. Travel and other expenses will be borne by the volunteer.

Consent to General Terms and Conditions